World Of Warriors




10th September 2018

The online service for the World of Warriors mobile app developed by Fracture Games will be terminating on 5th October 2018, removing online features such as the Arena, The Godhall, The Tower and the Temple, and affecting certain aspects of the single player experience. As a result, as of today the app has been removed from relevant stores for download. Up until 5th October 2018 all game modes will remain playable for existing users however the in-game shop has been closed.. All players have been gifted a large amount of both red and green gems via their in-game in-box, to stock up on new Warriors before the Temple closes on the 5th October.

These changes do not affect the World of Warriors: Duel, or World of Warriors: Quest apps. Both of these apps continue to be available and playable with no change to the player experience.